Hydro-Mulching/Seeding is the most cost-effective method of establishing new grass. Not only is it economical, Hydro-Mulching/Seeding is also environmentally safe as it uses half the water required with conventional hand seeding.

Hydro-Mulching/Seeding is a one-step process that creates a beneficial micro-environment essential for rapid seed germination. The mulch used in this process creates a crust layer that protects the seed from rapid water runoff, wind and other potentially devastating elements and helps retain moisture. By growing grass from the root first, Hydro-Mulching/Seeding is much more drought-tolerant than conventional sodding and helps to retain necessary moisture for the seed to grow.

Benefits of Hydro-Mulching/Seeding include the ability to cover large, inaccessible areas, such as slopes too steep or remote for conventional sodding, and the ability to customize the application of alternate types of grasses. It also provides healthier, longer lasting drought-tolerant turf than the alternatives. While being fast and efficient, Hydro-Mulching/Seeding is also environmentally safe. Hydro-Mulching/Seeding can be used in the following circumstances: Erosion control, hillside stabilization, vegetation restoration, landfills, dust control, as well as residential lawns.


We can customize any seed & fertilizer combination to fit your project. We also have many different options for mulch depending on your specifications and/or terrain.

Sodding/Drill Seeding

NEC offers several services dedicated to promoting vegetation growth including drill seeding. One of the preferred methods of seed planting, drill seeding places the seed in the ground where it receives better protection and seed to soil contact. It is ideal for covering large flat areas cost effectively.

Quality turf can also be established by sodding which can produce an adequate cover and sediment control to your area of need. Sodding provides immediate erosion and dust control and can be established nearly year-round. NEC will work with you to determine and accommodate your needs.

In addition to these products, we also offer:
• Wooden post silt fence
• Triangle sediment traps
• Orange safety fence
• Barbwire fence

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